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Current Issues

AB 508 to give bidding preference to protect displaced recycling services employees

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Introduced on February 15, 2011, AB 508 (Swanson) would give a bidding preference to solid waste handling and recycling contractors and subcontractors who agree to retain, for a period of at least 90 days, certain employees who were employed to perform essentially the same services by the previous contractor or

Bill would make "grand theft" include copper theft over $250

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Recently amended, AB 316 (Carter) now provides that the definition of grand theft shall include the theft of copper materials exceeding a value of $250.

An earlier version would have allowed law enforcement to stop and inspect vehicles that are transporting metal products or metal alloy products to determine whether the driver is in legal possession of the load, and, upon reasonable belief that the driver of the vehicle is not in legal possession, to take custody of the vehicle and load.  A similar bill was introduced as AB 237 in the prior legislative session, but was not passed by the legislature.

AB 818, as introduced, Blumenfield. Solid waste: multifamily dwellings

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Introduced on February 17, 2001, AB 818, would create that "Renters' Right to Recycle Act" and would require the owner of a multifamily dwelling, defined as a residential facility that consists of 5 or more living units, to arrange for recycling services that are appropriate and available for the multifamily dwelling.


AB 341 would require businesses to recycle

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UPDATE (10-06-2011):  Governor Brown signs AB 341.

UPDATE: Recycling industry efforts help preserve rights of businesses and recyclers.


Introduced on February 10, 2011, AB 341 would make some notable changes to California law.  Currently, businesses are not directly subject to the requirements of the Integrated Waste Management Act of 1989 (AB 939, Sher) to divert waste from landfills. AB 341 would change that by, among other things, requiring businesses to recycle.


After input from the recycling industry, amendments were made to AB 341 that expressly preserve the existing right of a business to sell or donate its recyclable materials.



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