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AB 1178 would prohibit local government from restricting the importation of solid waste based on place of origin

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Existing law authorizes a city or county to assess special fees of a reasonable amount on the importation of waste from outside of the county to publicly owned or privately owned facilities.  AB 1178 (Ma) would prohibit cities and counties from otherwise restricting or limiting in any way the importation of solid waste into that city or county based on place of origin.

The bill expressly adds that it does not do any of the following:
(A) Restrict a publicly owned solid waste facility from limiting or restricting its acceptance of solid waste from outside the jurisdiction of the public agency that owns the facility.  
(B) Require a privately owned solid waste facility or privately operated solid waste facility to accept solid waste from outside the city or county where the facility is located.  
(C) Prevent a city or county from exercising its land use authority, including making a zoning, permitting, or other land use determination.

You can find the full text of the bill at