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  • Reader Profile: Scott Ringlein

    In 2008, Scott Ringlein’s 20-year auto industry career ended abruptly, as it did for many others during the recession’s onset. After, Ringlein worked on the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act as a US Department of Energy technical advisor. His entrepreneurial “aha” moment came when he was introduced to a paradigm shift in energy efficiency project funding. During a 2011 networking function, Ringlein was introduced to an induction lighting company offering a product using 50% less energy and lasting 400% longer than those in use at the time, funded through a then-novel program offering financing for up to 10 years at a fixed rate. It was then that he realized the pairing of long-term funding and savings achieved from the reduced energy and maintenance costs resulted in a cash flow positive position from day one.

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    AABC Commissioning Group (ACG)

    Airius LLC

    Association of Energy Engineers

    Blue Star Power Systems Inc

    Carrier Corporation

    Continental Control Systems LLC

    Easi-Set Worldwide

    East Penn Manufacturing Company Inc

    Girtz Industries

    Kohler Power Systems

    Meter Technology Werks LLC

    Robinson Custom Enclosures

    Sunbelt Rentals

    United Rentals

    Wabash Power Equipment Co

    Yaskawa Electric America

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  • ShowCase

    Demand Energy
    Demand Energy, an Enel Group Company, has developed a best-in-class Distributed Energy Network Optimization System (DEN.OS) that aggregates and controls DERs, optimizing multiple value streams from energy storage and microgrids for utilities and C&I users. The company provides a turnkey solution (hardware, software, and services) that ties together modeling, design, and simulation with installation and operational

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  • Equipment Upgrade

    In many ways, data center power management equipment isn’t all that different from your vehicle. If you routinely check under the hood, replace vital fluids, and rotate the tires, it’s reasonable to expect that an automobile will last 15 to 20 years. Power backup equipment, including a properly serviced uninterruptible power system (UPS), is similar in this regard.

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  • Hot Water Heats Up

    Originating in the 19th century, district heating and cooling (DHC) systems today are taking advantage of new technologies to provide the energy efficiency and thermal flexibility needed in 21st century applications.

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  • Energy Procurement

    It’s well known that energy costs are always one of the most significant portions of a commercial building budget. Finding ways to reduce that spending can be tricky, but there are ways that you can impact it: reduce the amount of energy consumed, change the time of day energy is used, or reduce how much you pay for that energy.

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  • Guest Commentary: Doing the Math

    For buildings that experience high energy consumption, Ice Thermal Energy Storage is a complimentary chiller add-on that is proven to reduce operating costs by creating and storing cooling the night before. This ice add-on, along with new battery technology, dramatically reduces peak demand and the strain on the grid. However, lack of understanding around the implications of air conditioning loads on the grid and utility rates mean most engineers and equipment owners head straight for the conventional chiller-based air conditioning systems to create instantaneous cooling.

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  • Embracing Energy Metering

    Exterior and interior lighting, HVAC systems, and refrigeration equipment can all gobble plenty of energy, whether in a commercial building, hospital, warehouse, or distribution center.

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  • Phase Change Technology Energizes Buildings

    Phase change technology has been used in a very basic sense for hundreds of years, predominantly in the form of melting ice to keep food and people cool. Ice box refrigerators and artificial refrigeration date back to the 1750s, although it wasn’t until 1834 that the first vapor-compression refrigeration system was built.

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  • Volvo Debuts Renewed Road Product Line at World of Asphalt 2018

    Volvo Construction Equipment will bring a significantly revamped road product lineup to World of Asphalt 2018, anchored by a trio of new compactors equipped with the latest intelligent machine control technology.

    “Over the past year Volvo has launched eight new compactor and three new paver models, which demonstrates our commitment to providing quality, dependable equipment for

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