2019 ACRI Membership

ACRI is a non-profit trade association comprised of recycling businesses throughout California. ACRI was founded in order to help protect the rights of independent recyclers, and its members are committed to promoting free-market competition for recyclable materials. 

ACRI offers three levels of membership:


Gold Membership is available to large California licensed recycling companies. ACRI Gold Members are eligible to serve on ACRI’s Board of Directors and Political Action Committee and vote on all membership items. 


Silver Membership is available to companies and/or suppliers who support the industry and provide the tools necessary for its success. These members include vendors, trade associations and not-for-profit organizations. 


Bronze Membership is available to recycling companies who are appropriately licensed to operate in California. Bronze Members typically have 10 employees or less. ACRI Bronze Members may vote on all general membership items.

All ACRI members must adhere to ACRI’s Code of Ethics. 

For more information on ACRI or to become a member, 

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ACRI Code of Conduct

To best advance the priorities of the industry, ACRI members must adhere the following professional Code of Conduct. Members who do not meet this code may be subject to removal by the ACRI Board of Directors.

•  ACRI members perform fair and open transactions using trained and knowledgeable staff to ensure integrity and accuracy.

•  ACRI members conduct business honestly, ensuring that all transcations, including the weighing and buying of materials are performed accurately.

•  ACRI members work closely with law enforcement to ensure the safe and secure operation of recycling facilities, and to continue to lead the effort to identify, report, and prevent materials theft.

•  ACRI members are committed to complying with all local, state, and federals laws and regulations applicable to their business operations and facilities.

•  ACRI members ensure a safe and healthy workplace and treat all customers fairly.

2019 Board of Directors



Trini Jones, City Fibers

Vice President

Adam Holt, Allan Company


Clark Hahne, Newport CH International

David Sanchez, Basic Fibres

Nenad Trifunovic, Allan Company

Craig Young, VISY

Greg Young, Main Street Fibers

Past President

Kara Bouton, Allan Company